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Academic Honor Roll Program

Academic Honor Roll Program overview

The Terrapins values setting not only high goals in the swimming pool but also in the classroom. A significant aspect of our program is that we are training our swimmers to athletically "peak" in their collegiate years, between the ages of 17 to 22 years old. Our athlete development model is based on the premise that our swimmers will continue to compete in the collegiate years. Over the past 25 years, over 98% of our graduating seniors have gone on the compete on college teams.

We recognize that the process of being recruiting and swimming on a college team is very complex and requires not only a top effort in the pool, but also the best possible academic record. It is no surprise that over the past 10 years swimming has accelerated significantly, with many more swimmers in the USA and around the world swimming much faster. This has created a "higher" playing field for college bound swimmers. We have also noticed the same acceleration relative to college admissions. Plan and simple, it now requires much higher test scores and GPA's in order to be a candidate for college admissions. 

Our swimmers must be prepared for this accelerated environment and this is why we are once against introducing our Terrapins Academic Honor Roll Program. We aspire to motivate our swimmers to reach higher in the classroom so they can be as ready as possible for the college recruiting and admissions process. We hope that ALL Terrapin Swimmers will strive to achieve and participate in this important program.

Honor Roll Program Detrails

Eligibility - Any TERA Swimmer who is in the 6th Grade and Above can participate. 

Honor Roll Awards - Award winners will receive a special Academic Honor Roll Pin

  • Bronze level - 3.0 GPA or 80%
  • Silver level - 3.5 GPA or 90%
  • Gold level - 3.85 GPA or 95%
  • Platinum level - 4.0 or Higher

SAT Test Recognition

Those swimmers who achieve a score of 1800 or higher on the SAT will be given special recognition on our team website and a custom certificate. Swimmers will have the option to have their score listed if they wish for potential College Coach inspection. Submit a copy of your SAT at any time throughout the year.

SAT "Team Record"

We plan to establish an ALL TIME Team Record for the top SAT score ever recorded by a Terrapin Swimmer. A special award will be presented to this record holder/breaker and their score posted on our website.

How to apply for the awards

At the end of the school year bet ween May 30th and June 30th, submit your OFFICIAL year end report card or copies of all semester/quarter grade reports to coach Cindy Mitchell or mail into the TERA Office (Contact information below). Swimmers who do no receive letter grades must submit a grade report which lists % scores. No other grade records will be accepted. Do no submit progress reports. "Weighted GPA's" will also be accepted. If your GPA is no reported by your school, please have a school administrator submit a calculated GPA on the school letterhead and submit this with your grade report. Make sure this calculated GPA reflects the cumulative GPA for the entire year.

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