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Senior Development Swimmers tear it up at HS League/NCS Championships and SR Walk on Meet

05/18/2017, 1:15pm PDT
By D

The high school swimmers in the SD Group are coming off a fantastic stretch run of championship meets from League to Section Championships to the SR Walk on Meet. The group had 9 swimmers qualify or participate in either the North Coast Section or San Joaquin Section Championships: Jaymee Davis (SJS, Benicia HS), Sarah Deback (NCS, Carondolet), Delanie Gearing (NCS, Northgate), Rylee Gordillo (NCS, Liberty), Deniz Jones (NCS, Concord), Devin Masongsong (NCS, College Park), Ian McIntyre (NCS, Clayton Valley), Jake Rafac (SJS, Benicia), and Elian Salindong (SJ, Benicia). The group achieved many best times, Top 16/Top 24 swims, and some new cuts. Below is a list of all the meets. Very proud of this group of swimmers! Way to go!!

League Champs: BT=Best Time

Jaymee Davis: 50FR (BT, new HS cut), 100BR (BT, new HS cut)

Sarah Deback: 100FR (BT, Top 16), 200FR (Top 16)

Delanie Gearing: 50FR (BT), 100 FR (BT), 100BR (BT, new sections cut, Top 16), 200IM (BT, Top 16)

Dennis Golenkov: 100FL (BT, Top 24), 100BR (BT, Top 24)

Rylee Gordillo: 200IM (BT, 1st), 500FR (BT, 2nd)

Christonio Guerrera: 100FR (BT)

Deniz Jones: 200IM (BT, Top 24), 100BR (Top 24)

Devin Masongsong: 100FL (Top 16), 100BK (BT, Top 16)

Ian McIntyre: 200FR (BT, Top 16), 100BK (BT, Top 16)

Kelsey Ortner: 50FR (BT), 100FR (BT)

Jake Rafac: 200IM (BT, Top 8), 100FL (BT, Top 8)

Martina Steffkova: 100FL (BT), 100BR (BT)

Sarah Sharif: 100BK (BT)

North Coast Sections/San Joaquin Sections:

Jaymee Davis: 50FR (BT), 100BR (BT), relays

Sarah Deback: 200FR, relays

Delanie Gearing: 50FR, 100BR, relays

Rylee Gordillo: 200IM (BT), 500FR

Deniz Jones: relay

Devin Masongsong: 100FL, 100BK, relays

Ian McIntyre: 100BK, relays

Jake Rafac: 200IM, 100FL, relays

SR Walk-On Meet:

Sarah Brunsdon: 50FR (BT), 100FR (BT), 200FR (BT), 100BK (BT), 200BK (BT)

Jaymee Davis: 100FR (BT)

Sarah Deback: 50FR (BT)

Dennis Golenkov: 200IM (BT)

Rylee Gordillo: 100FR (BT), 200FR (BT), 100BR (BT), 400IM (BT)

Kaitlyn Ludwig: 100FR (BT), 200FR (BT)

Ian McIntyre: 50FR (BT), 100FL (BT), 200IM (BT)

Izzy Ng: 100BR (BT), 200BR (BT), 200IM (BT), 200FR (BT)

Kelsey Ortner: 50FR (BT), 100BK (BT)

Jake Rafac: 100FR (BT), 200FR (BT), 400IM (BT)

Camron Sharifi: 200IM (BT), 50FR (BT)

Martina Steffkova: 200FL (BT)

Bernadette Richards: 100FR (BT)

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