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Terrapin High School Swimmers Shine at High School Champs and Post NCS Meet

05/18/2017, 1:30pm PDT
By R

Thirty Terrapin swimmers qualified for their HS Champs meets last weekend and came away with some stellar swims. Junior Alexei Sancov lead the group with 4 wins at his NCS champs meet. Alexei won the 200/500fr and also helped his Northgate teammates win the 200 and 400Free relay events.  The girls were led by a group of TERA ladies who each scored top 8 in multiple events. Emily Lo, Jessica Larson, Sasha Liu, Skyler Liu and Stephie Backlund all made top 8 in two separate events.

Of very Special note were the Fetterman boys, Jordan and Matt. Jordan was a winner of the NCS Scholarship award which recognizes top student athletes in all sports who achieve not only in their sport but in the classroom and community as well. Jordan was recognized for his leadership at school and also his excellence in the pool Jordan will be attending Villanova this fall.  Matt Fetterman continues to be an inspiration to all of us. Matt, just a few months out of his cancer surgery, made it back into the pool and swan at NCS..just an incredible feat for someone just months out of cancer treatments and surgery. It was amazing to see Matt back in the pool so quickly and we can’t wait to see what is ahead for Matt this summer and beyond! Congratulations Fetterman Family!!

Below is a recap of top swims at the NCS and Post NCS meet accomplished by the TERA Senior group:

200FR – Stephie Backlund 1:52.09, Sasha Liu 1:53.37, Taylor Park 1:55.26, Alexei Sancov 1:33.93, Nate Barsanti 1:38.18, Andrew Rodriguez 1:42.58, Connor Seip 1:42.95

200IM – Sasha Liu 2:02.81, Skyler Liu 2:04.35, Abby Dulski 2:11.93, Alexei Sancov 1:47.98, Andrew Rodriguez 1:52.07, Gennady Sytnik 1:52.52, Jordan Fetterman 1:55.79

50FR – Jessica Larson 23.40, Sasha Liu 24.59, Alexei Sancov 20.43, Nate Barsanti 21.08

100FLY – Emily Lo 53.76, Skyler Liu 55.44, Jessica Larson 57.38, Taylor Park 58.60, Alexei Sancov 47.33, Nate Barsanti 50.25, Andrew Rodriguez 50.75, Jordan Fetterman 51.48, Tyler James 51.74

100FR – Sasha Liu 52.54, Charlotte Meier 52.57, Jessica Larson 52.54, Taylor Park 53.62, Alexie Sancov 43.96, Nate Barsanti 45.26, Tyler James 46.30

500FR – Stephie Backlund 5:02.14, Alexei Sancov 4:22.43, Connor Seip 4:41.05, Garrick Coloma 4:42.43

100BK – Jessica Larson – 56.34, Charlotte Meir 58.77, Elise leibow 59.59, Gennady Sytnik 49.85, Andrew Rodriguez 50.15, Tyler James 50.65, Garrick Coloma 54.26

100BR – Emily Lo 1:02.38, Sasha Liu 1:03.42, Adrian Dulay 58.84, Anthonly Vizental 1:00.38

200BR – Anthony Dulay 2:08.30

200fly – Skyler Liu 2:01.57, Adrian Dulay 1:56.01, Garrick Coloma 1:56.90

200BK - Gennady Sytnik 1:50.65

1650FR – Robert Mitchell 16:08.40,  Garrick Coloma 16:21.59

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