Blue Group-  Jonathan Keller

Jonathan has done a great job in Blue group this month!  He works hard in practice, works hard at his swim meets and his fast times show how well he's done. He always has a positive attitude and really does his best each time!

Silver Group- Antonio Ascencio

Antonio has been doing a great job this month with his focus in practices.  He is eager to learn and make corrections.  He is very positive and steps up to challenges.  Keep up the good work!

Gold Group-  Aadharsh Kannan

Aadharsh “AKA Nick” has been doing a great job this month and year.  He has really improved his focus on technique and is being very detailed with his skill work.  I have been very impressed with his efforts, really pushing himself out of his comfort zones, and paying good attention to his technique while doing so.  He has been attacking his races at swim meets and continually dropping time due to his increased focus and efforts at practices.  Keep up the great work!

Senior Development-  Daniel Lewis

Daniel has done a fantastic job with attendance and increasing his workout efforts and attention to detail. Daniel has seen tremendous improvement across the board as a result of his dedication and determination. Keep up the great work!