Orange Group-  Rian Wong

Rian is new to our Terrapin program.  He has really done an excellent job on getting his kicks, underwater streamlines, pull downs and drills for all strokes done correctly.  He is focused and always does his very best at practice! 

Orange Group-  Eliot Olson

Eliot is new to our Terrapin program.  Eliot always brings his positive attitude and hard work to practice.  He has done a super job getting his kicks and underwater streamlines done correctly.  He never gets discouraged and works so hard on his drills!

Blue Group-  Sofia Bonanomi

Sofia is a part of our year round Blue group and has been doing an excellent job in all her practices!  She is always in a ready position, waiting for coach's instructions.  She is helpful with her teammates and always has a positive attitude.  Her underwater kicks and streamline look great and she has done a super job on all her drill work!

Blue Group-  Olivia Holbrook

Olivia is new to our Fall program.  She has done a super job in all her practices, works very hard, waits on the wall for coach's instructions and has really done a great job on her drills, kicks and underwater streamlines.

Silver Group-  Audrey Cleary

Audrey does a great job listening and following instruction in workouts each day.  She is very receptive to coach feedback and works hard to make changes.  She always gives great efforts on all our training sets.  Keep up the good work!

Gold Group-  Grace Cleary

Grace is a joy to work with everyday.  She works very hard and is determined to make improvements.  She is very easy to work with and is always very receptive of coach feedback.  She is a good teammate and is a positive influence within the group.  Keep up the good work!!


Senior Development-  Gisele Almarinez

Gigi has made a great transition into the SRD Group this Fall. Gigi has been very committed to her training and has been giving great efforts over the past few months. This hard work came to fruition in late November as she smashed best times in multiple events at the last chance meet. Keep up the great work.