Orange Group-  Patrick Forster

Patrick has done a super job keeping his attention on coach's instructions and following thru.  His underwater streamlines and kicks look great and he has really worked hard on head position and drills.  He is also very helpful with other swimmers!

Orange Group-  Emily Rhodes

Emily has been working very hard in Orange, doing her best to get her drills and turn done correctly.  She is focused and eager to move into Blue group. She does a great job waiting in ready position on the wall, listening for coach's instructions.   Her underwater stream lines and kicks are looking super!!

Blue Group-  Illia Skoropadskyi

Illia is new to our Fall program.   He has been working very hard learning all our new drills, kicks, turns and diving.  He is eager to learn about swimming and try's his best at each practice, focused and waiting on coach's instructions.  

Blue Group-  Cole Branich

Cole is brand new to our Fall program and has done a great job every day at practice.  She is focused, ready to work hard, and waiting on the wall in her ready position for coach's instructions.  She did her first TERA meet in Orinda and had new best times in her swims.

Silver Group-  Zoe Thong

Zoe has been doing a great job focusing and paying attention during workouts.  She is very coachable and a joy to work with.  She has really stepped up her efforts during workouts and at swim meets.  Keep up the good work!

Gold Group- Abbey Keller

Abbey does an amazing job with her focus and work ethic at workouts and at swim meets.  She is always very positive and looks forward to any challenge I bring to her.  She is always cheering for her teammates at meets, and is supportive of others during training.  Keep up the good work!

Senior Development-  Mason Wendler

Mason has made a seamless adjustment since joining the group in August.  Mason has great attendance (am’s and pm’s) and a tremendous work ethic.  Mason is also a good team mate and is always open to feedback.  Keep up the good work!