Age Group Incentive Programs

       The Terrapin Age Group Incentive Programs are not just designed to reward the best swimmers in the group, but to reward:

· Improvement

· Effort

· Proper Athletic Behavior/Habits

 The following is an explanation of our incentive programs:

 Swimmer of the Month program

      Each month a swimmer is chosen from each training group as the “Swimmer of the Month.”  This is based on performance in workouts and meets and is designed to recognize improvements.  Each swimmer receives a custom-framed certificate.

 Best Time Sticker Program-

Swimmers will receive a best time sticker for each improved time at a meet.  These can be collected to decorate a log book or collected on a “Best Time” sticker sheet.  Best time stickers are distributed following each meet through group meeting or the swimmers file folder, and are based on official results from the meet.  Swimmers may turn in “full” best time sticker sheets (from the current season) to their coaches to receive a best time sticker patch that can be put on their jacket, swim bag, towel, or whatever they choose to show off their accomplishment. (sheets are posted on each swimmer "group site" on the Terrapin Website)

TERA Championship Team Cap  award-

     A “Championship Team” cap is awarded to all those who qualify and compete in Pacific Swimming's 14 & Under Winter Championship and/or Junior Olympic Championship meets.  This meet is held 3 times each year in December, March and July. 

Far Western Qualifier Award- 

     All those who qualify and compete at the Far Western Championship will receive our Far Western Team award.  This award is usually a team shirt and is awarded at the meet.